Touristik Label - 306MN02: Hobiţa - Şaua Gorova - Vf. Peleaga - Curmătura Bucurei - Vf. Retezat


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The trail follows the main north ridge of the massif and it takes several days to cross it from one part to another. It mostly unfolds at high elevation. From Hobita to the former Baleia Hut the road is only suitable for cars with high ground clearance, preferably off-road vehicles. From the meadow before the hut, climb a grassy hill, walk through a patch of forest, and then climb the switchbacks on Cozma-Baleia Ridge. Walk around Bradet Peak, next there is a passage with dwarf pines, and after a beautiful section on a hilltop with dwarf pines, meadows and clusters of spruce fir reach Gorova Saddle, where there is a signpost. From here, climb up to the flat Gorova Peak. Then, the path continues through dwarf pines, first along the edge and then completely in the middle, around Lancita Peak. The next section is a bit difficult as the trail makes its way through dwarf pines, rarely crossing small meadows or groups of rocks. Because the marking is no longer visible and the path has been invaded by dwarf pines, orientation can be difficult. But the more elevation you gain the dwarf pines are smaller and easier to cross. Then, there is a grassy area, followed by a section with slabs where you jump from one rock to another around Lacului Peak until you reach Varful Mare Saddle. This is the intersection with the red triangle marker (trail 4). The next section, which is difficult but also beautiful, is called the Closed Gates, with a length of about 600 m. The ridge is narrow and tourists have to follow a path that slips through sharp peaks with many more difficult passages, but also places to admire the surroundings from unusual angles. On the left (south) you can see Taul Tapului Tarn, with a small island, and to the right (north) Galesul Lake. After a constant climb, reach Papusa Peak, the second highest in the massif. Descend to Peleaga Saddle to climb again to over 2,500 m up on Peleaga Peak, the highest peak in the Retezat Mountains. When the sky is clear, the view is overwhelming. From Peleaga, the path descends and leaves Coltii Pelegii to the right, continuing in a ridge-cut trail to Custura Bucurei Saddle, climbs up to Custura Bucurei Peak, maintaining the general ridge line, and then descends even further down to Curmatura Bucura Saddle, important intersection of trails. From here, the path first climbs to the ridge and then cuts Bucura II Peak on a sea of slabs, followed by an ascent to reach one of the giants of the Retezat, Bucura I Peak. From this point with a wide perspective, descend carefully and shortly reach the yellow stripe marker (trail 19). Join it and carefully follow the path to the western slope of Mount Bucura. To the west, there are beautiful views of Slaveiu Peak, Judele and the valleys and lakes in the reserve, which are seen in their entire splendor from this point. Walk around Bucura Peak and follow the ridge (Custura Retezatului) past several peaks and saddles to descend at the lowest point of Custuri Retezatului knife-like ridge, namely Retezat Saddle, where you reach trail 6 (blue triangle). From here, after a constant climb, generally on stone slabs, reach Retezat Peak, where on clear days the effort is rewarded with a beautiful panorama in all directions.


Hobiţa - fosta Cabană Baleia - Şaua Gorova - Culmea Lănciţa - Porţile Închise - Vârful Păpuşa - Vârful Peleaga - Curmătura Bucurei - Vârful Bucura I - Custura Retezatului - Vârful Retezat




Trail markers are scarce and less visible up to Varful Mare saddle. The route is dangerous in winter, especially around Portile Inchise and Bucura peak, Custura Retezat edge. In winter, it is recommended to follow the ridgeline itself.


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Hobiţa - Şaua Gorova - Vf. Peleaga - Curmătura Bucurei - Vf. Retezat in Hunedoara, Retezat is a hard hiking trail.
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